Sexpert Questions – 23rd August, 2013


1)     Me and my wife always prefer having clean sex by having bath before and after session. But nowadays, my wife’s vagina smells bad, making me to ignore the place. What’s the reason behind this?

Ans) This can be either infection which is temporary and you no need to worry about it. Ask her to wash the area with soap and if she is going through infection, she can apply some cream for such area. However, make sure you take advice before using it.


2)     Recently, me and girlfriend has sex, unfortunately the condom slipped during the act. Will she get pregnant? As we know there was no sperm on the area.

Ans) Wait for few days and check whether she gets a period, if not then rush to the gynecologist to ensure whether everything is fine.


3)     My boyfriends love biting my nipples, but I hate it. What should I do?

Ans) Ask him to stop if it hurts you.

Sexpert Questions – 22nd August, 2013


1)     My girlfriend wants to ride on my cock, what should I do?

Ans) Let her do and enjoy, it won’t affect you in negative way.


2)     My boyfriend shows no interest on me, as I have small breast size. What should I do?

Ans) There are other ways too using which you can seduce your boyfriend to create interest on you.


3)     I girlfriend shouts a lot when we have sexual intercourse. What should I do?

Ans) It her way of showing pleasure and pain, so let her shout and have fun.

Sexpert Questions – 21st August, 2013


1)     Me and my girlfriend want to have sex on back of our car seat. Is it fine?

Ans) It’s your car and your choice of location, enjoy your session.


2)     I am 32 yrs of old and my wife is 30 yrs, we use to enjoy a good session, until we had a child. But now it seems her interest has gone down. What’s the reason?

Ans) Generally, women after getting pregnant, their desire for sex go down a bit due to stress. But it’s quite normal, and don’t worry. Engage in foreplay and seduce her. Everything will be fine.


3)     I have been married for 4yrs, but recently I got divorced with my wife. We had a good sexual session in these years. But now being alone I want to enjoy the night with someone. Is visiting prostitute is crime?

Ans) Visiting a prostitute is not a crime, but having sex without using condom is hazardous and is a big crime. So if you are visiting a prostitute make sure you take care of certain things.

Sexpert Questions – 20th August, 2013


1)     I am 20 year old girl, me and my partner are getting engaged, but whenever we meet and hug each other, I get wet. Even thinking about each other makes me wet. Will this create problem after marriage?

Ans) Certainly not, it won’t create any problem to both. It is normal to get wet, especially in this age. So have a good sex life.


2)     My girlfriend gets very much excited if I touch her vagina? Why so?

Ans) It’s a very sensitive part, so of course, she will get excited if you touch that part


3)     Why my penis goes into different angle, if gets erect?

Ans) It is normal to penis getting bend, unless and until it hurts you. So don’t worry.

Sexpert Questions – 19th August, 2013


1)     My penis gets curved in one side during erection. Is this thing to worry?

Ans) No there is no problem to worry. However, if it hurts you, then you must consult to doctor.


2)     Is vibrator really useful?

Ans) It depends on how you use it during the session. Moreover, there are different types of vibrators available in the market, you can check out the best one.


3)     While having oral sex with my partner, my penis touched to her panties. Though, sperms didn’t entered insider her panties, also she cleaned up her parts after an hour. I am worried, if there is any chance of her getting pregnant?

Ans) No! there is no chance of her getting pregnant as the sperm didn’t enter her vagina. However, for the next time makes sure you take some precaution during such acts.