Sexpert Questions – 23rd August, 2013

  1)     Me and my wife always prefer having clean sex by having bath before and after session. But nowadays, my wife’s vagina smells bad, making me to ignore the place. What’s the reason behind this? Ans) This can be either infection which is temporary and you no need to worry about it. Ask her […]

Sexpert Questions – 22nd August, 2013

  1)     My girlfriend wants to ride on my cock, what should I do? Ans) Let her do and enjoy, it won’t affect you in negative way.   2)     My boyfriend shows no interest on me, as I have small breast size. What should I do? Ans) There are other ways too using which you […]

Sexpert Questions – 21st August, 2013

  1)     Me and my girlfriend want to have sex on back of our car seat. Is it fine? Ans) It’s your car and your choice of location, enjoy your session.   2)     I am 32 yrs of old and my wife is 30 yrs, we use to enjoy a good session, until we had […]

Sexpert Questions – 20th August, 2013

  1)     I am 20 year old girl, me and my partner are getting engaged, but whenever we meet and hug each other, I get wet. Even thinking about each other makes me wet. Will this create problem after marriage? Ans) Certainly not, it won’t create any problem to both. It is normal to get […]

Sexpert Questions – 19th August, 2013

  1)     My penis gets curved in one side during erection. Is this thing to worry? Ans) No there is no problem to worry. However, if it hurts you, then you must consult to doctor.   2)     Is vibrator really useful? Ans) It depends on how you use it during the session. Moreover, there are […]