Sexpert Questions – 18th August, 2013

  1)     During our last session, condom slipped off. Though I tool morning pill. But I am still worried whether I will be pregnant? Ans) If you have consumed the pill within 72 hrs, then there is no chance of getting pregnant.  However, it will be safe enough to check with the nearest gynecologist to […]

Sexpert Questions – 17th August, 2013

  1)     I am addicted to masturbation and I am getting pimples on my face. Is this because of masturbation? Ans) Masturbation doesn’t have any side –effect on health.   2)     Is condom necessary during oral sex? Ans) Nope, condom is only used during sexual intercourse.   3)     I don’t like using condom during intercourse, […]

Sexpert Questions – 16th August, 2013

  1)     I am 20 yrs of old and tried using condom while having sex with my girlfriend, but it slipped as it was too larger then my penis. Will she get pregnant? Ans) Well first confirm whether it was slipped during the act or after withdrawal.   2)     Does blowjob leads to pregnancy? Ans) […]

Sexpert Questions – 15th August, 2013

  1)     I love to play different roles like (student and teacher) during bedroom session with my wife. But my wife hates doing it. What should I do? Ans) If your wife hates doing such acts during bedroom session, then avoid doing it and have a better session for longer period.   2)     My boyfriend […]

Sexpert Questions – 14th August, 2013

  1)     My penis seems to have been fractured after having women-on-top position with my wife, what should I do? Ans) Visit urologist to bring down the problem.  It will get better over a period of time.   2)     I am 15yr old boy, recently I watched intimate scene in a movie. Now I am […]

Sexpert Questions – 13th August, 2013

  1)     Will I get pregnant after oral sex? Ans) To get pregnant you need to have sexual intercourse.   2)     My penis turns curvy after erection, will this effect during sexual intercourse? Ans) It is perfectly normal to have curvy penis. However, if it is hurting you, then you must check out with your […]

Sexpert Questions – 12th August, 2013

  1)     Me and my girlfriend had oral sex few days back. Her menstrual cycle is on date. But as I read somewhere, that swallowing of semen leads to cancer. Is that true? Ans) Oral is the safest way and is a part of sex. There is no harm doing it or is related to […]

Sexpert Questions – 11th August, 2013

  1)     Is sex painful if done for the first time? Ans) For many people it can be painful, especially first time sexual intercourse for both couple. Try and make it easy and smoothly, you will surely enjoy the act at your best without any pain.   2)     Can I become addicted to sex? I […]

Sexpert Questions – 10th August, 2013

  1)     I suffer from premature ejaculation, Help Me!!! Ans) Try, stop and start technique for prolong masturbation.   2)     How to do I get pregnant fast? Ans) There is only one way have a sexual intercourse and wait for 9 months for a baby.   3)     Does masturbation can get me dark circles? Ans) […]

Sexpert Questions – 9th August, 2013

  1)     My husband is worried about his small penis size. What can I do? Ans) Until and unless you both are having a great sex life, your husband should not worry about penis size.   2)     Will I get pregnant if I steal condom and insert in my vagina? Ans: No you can’t, condom […]