1)     Me and my girlfriend want to have sex on back of our car seat. Is it fine?

Ans) It’s your car and your choice of location, enjoy your session.


2)     I am 32 yrs of old and my wife is 30 yrs, we use to enjoy a good session, until we had a child. But now it seems her interest has gone down. What’s the reason?

Ans) Generally, women after getting pregnant, their desire for sex go down a bit due to stress. But it’s quite normal, and don’t worry. Engage in foreplay and seduce her. Everything will be fine.


3)     I have been married for 4yrs, but recently I got divorced with my wife. We had a good sexual session in these years. But now being alone I want to enjoy the night with someone. Is visiting prostitute is crime?

Ans) Visiting a prostitute is not a crime, but having sex without using condom is hazardous and is a big crime. So if you are visiting a prostitute make sure you take care of certain things.