1)     Me and my wife always prefer having clean sex by having bath before and after session. But nowadays, my wife’s vagina smells bad, making me to ignore the place. What’s the reason behind this?

Ans) This can be either infection which is temporary and you no need to worry about it. Ask her to wash the area with soap and if she is going through infection, she can apply some cream for such area. However, make sure you take advice before using it.


2)     Recently, me and girlfriend has sex, unfortunately the condom slipped during the act. Will she get pregnant? As we know there was no sperm on the area.

Ans) Wait for few days and check whether she gets a period, if not then rush to the gynecologist to ensure whether everything is fine.


3)     My boyfriends love biting my nipples, but I hate it. What should I do?

Ans) Ask him to stop if it hurts you.